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Type of Business: Global Chinese B2B portal2 with e-Commerce features and trade functions


Company Summary: Caravel was established in 1993 as a California C-Corporation (Duns # 96-516-9972). Caravel’s goal is to establish a unique state-of-the-art network which includes internet portals and media publications to promote business, trade, and commerce between global Chinese merchants. With a SOLID foundation and GREAT potential, Caravel is poised for rapid growth and is currently looking for investors (both domestic and foreign investors welcome).


Clients: Caravel’s existing clients include Fortune 500 companies, multinationals, import/export firms, government agencies, public libraries, academic institutions, major banks, law firms, and many more.


Products/Services: Caravel publishes two print business directories “American Business in China ” (ABC) and “Chinese Business in America ” (CBA), owns/maintains two electronic databases, and operates two websites (china4us.com & us4china.com). The business model is shown on the next page.


Competition: Caravel’s goals are:

1. Establishing www.china4us.com (華商網) as the B2B portal/gateway for global Chinese businesses.    
    Its potential competitors include Alibaba.com and Global Sources (GlobalSources.com).

2. Developing www.us4china.com (華商城) as the world’s largest B2B e-store which includes multi-

    language capabilities. Its competitors include Amazon.com and other major e-commerce players.


Funds to be raised:  $2.5 million (40 shares will be sold with the first 20 shares priced at US$50,000 per share)


Use of Proceeds: The net proceeds of the sale of Series A Preferred Stock will be used to cover:


1.      $400,000 for marketing and advertising

2.      $600,000 for website development, equipment, and China office expenses

3.      $1,500,000 for general operating expenses, including salaries and overheads


Exit Strategy: With the proceeds/funds raised, Caravel will emerge and become the leading e-commerce       

                         and trade portal for global Chinese merchants. As Caravel grows and gains market   

                         share, there are multitude of attractive alternatives as follows:


                        1. Initial Public Offering (IPO), in which the company will place its common stock for
                                                                             sale and use the proceeds to develop a global strategy

2. Merger or Acquisition (M&A), by an existing global company in which Caravel’s
                                                       domains, trademarks, logos, copyrights, and other
                                                       proprietary information are either licensed or bought.


I.                  Management & Operations


Management Philosophy: The principal believes that, in the age of internet and e-commerce, the entire world becomes a single marketplace. However, language barriers still pose certain restrictions for Chinese merchants to conduct business in different parts of the world. In addition, difficulties in obtaining visas to enter certain counties for trade shows or meetings present further obstacles for business growth and interaction. To that end, Caravel’s two websites are designed to overcome these

barriers and to facilitate trade/commerce for global Chinese merchants under one roof.


A. www.china4us.com (華商網), with operation started in 1999, is to be built as the #1 portal for

     Chinese merchants worldwide. Chinese and English will be the primary languages used in the portal,

     with other optional languages being added as needed. The portal has two main functions, as follows:


    1. Compile and update the “Global Chinese Business Database (GCBD: 全球華商資料庫)
        Registration (both Chinese and non-Chinese members welcome) but required to browse/view

        premium web pages. Registered members may upgrade their member status for various benefits

        (such as discounts for purchasing publications, website designs, database rentals, free business e-

        mail alerts, etc.) One obvious benefit on the registered members is they can interact with Chinese on

        a single platform.


     2. Build a “state-of-the-art” “Global Trade Information Network (GTIN: 全球經貿信息網)

         Provide essential business intelligence for conducting business at different countries/regions in

         the world. Visitors can easily collect basic data on any region./country of the world before

         penetrating a new market. Executives can use these data to conduct feasibility studies or to make

         crucial business decisions. Customized reports may be ordered by paying a nominal fee.


B. www.us4china.com (華商城), with operation started in 2003, will be developed as the world’s  

     largest Business Mall Online ( BMO 全球經商聚寶庫 ). BMO has four sections, as follows:


     1. Store-Mart (SM): It consists of various B2B stores, including bookstore, furniture store,

                                      computer store, office equipment store, etc. The B2B bookstore

                                      (http://store.us4china.com) was set up in 2003 and has successfully generated

                                      revenues from customers worldwide.


      2. Expo-Mart (EM): It houses virtual showrooms divided by international, national, regional/local,

                                       and wholesale/retail categories. The showroom designs are standardized so

                                       viewers can navigate the Mart with ease. The Expo-Mart can accommodate

                                       virtual exhibitors from every country/region in the world, eliminate stringent                  

                                       visa  requirements, while minimize traveling and show expenses.        


      3. Trade-Mart (TM): It includes a platform where buyers, sellers, and bidders can interact and trade.


      4. Pro-Mart (PM): It provides a place where various professionals, including logistics companies,

                                    law firms, banks, financial institutions, credit bureaus, collection agencies, and

                                    others can advertise and promote their services.






Strategic Partners and Business Development:


We plan to operate, on an ongoing basis, in strategic partnership with vendors, distributors, publishers, and other internet companies so that we may leverage our resources and maximize our potential.


Two following principles will guide our strategic partnerships:


(1)   Trust. In addition to contributing physical and human resources, each partner will contribute
knowledge and information to the venture. Partners may be asked to sign non-disclosure and non-circumvent agreements, where applicable.


(2)   Co-destiny.  Each partner’s remuneration will be tied to the success of the venture. They will agree to revenue-sharing. Partners will meet periodically to monitor and measure progress. Between meetings, partners will network via phone/fax and/or e-mails. Agreements will include an escape clause whereby Caravel can immediately terminate the contract of any Partner that fails to honor their commitments.


As of 2007, Caravel has successfully established a number of strategic partnerships/alliances, including    publishers, chamber of commerce, governmental trade agencies, etc.


In addition to strategic partnerships, Caravel owns the following domains for future expansions:


.CN (.中國)                                         .com                                         .net


華商城..cn    = 华商城.cn                   華商城..com                            .net

商展城..cn    = 商展城.cn                   华商城.com                             秀網.net

商展網..cn    = 商展网.cn                   商展城..com                            华商城.net

秀網..cn        = .cn                       商展网.com

華商在線.cn = 华商线.cn               展覽网..com















Organizations: Most of the company’s key posts have not yet been filled. These posts include:


-         President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Tasks: Gather, organize and direct the use of any and all information that can advance the

            company’s success in all areas of operations. Interface with company’s major investors.

            Coordinate all aspects of operations: manufacturing, sourcing, production, distribution,

            sales, customer’s support, website development, strategic alliances, etc.

-         Vice President of Marketing and Sales

Tasks: Identify customers and distribution channels. Identify new markets, including export
            markets, and perform feasibility studies to determine which target markets are to be
           developed. Continually monitor the successful implementation of the company’s
            marketing plan and adjust marketing goals and strategies as appropriate. Establish

            research parameters and institute systems for obtaining and processing market intelligence.

            Develop mailing lists and manage the company’s database. Collect customers’ feedback                        for information needed to improve product and service performance as well as market
            communications. Supervise the implementation of Caravel’s advertising and publicity plan.
            Work with marketing professionals to create a corporate identity and brand image.  

            Develop all relevant free and paid advertising opportunities and materials.                          

-         Information Technology Manager (Webmaster)

Tasks: Implement the successful installation, integration, and maintenance of the company’s
            information-gathering, -processing and –communications network. Establish password

            criteria for registered members in Caravel’s websites. Compile and update company’s

databases. Train management, staff, strategic partners, and customers in the use of our

information technology.


-          Accounting Manager

Tasks: Manage the company’s financial affairs including inventory control and cash management.
            Set up accounting and billing procedures. Continually track financial progress and update
            financial forecasts and budgets. Monitor Caravel’s insurance coverage and overhead   



-         Human Resources Manager
Tasks: Develop criteria and systems for attracting, evaluating, recruiting, training, motivating, and
            compensating employees. Specify and manage employee benefits program and retirement-
            investment funds.

-         Sales Manager

Tasks: Develop sales campaigns for BMO ’s Store-Mart, Expo-Mart, Trade-Mart, and Pro- 

            Mart. Solicit advertisers for both print and electronic media. Generate sales from 

company’s print publications as well as rentals from company’s electronic databases.


-         Staff Assistant (Optional)

            Tasks: Initially, we may need a salary-based staff assistant to support in-house operations. Staff
                        will be expanded as justified by growth.


-         Independent Sales Representative  

            Tasks: Independent sales reps will be hired on commission basis to increase company’s revenues.



II.               Marketing & Sales

Market Niche


Currently, there are many Chinese B2C internet portals on the web. However, there are hardly any one-stop B2B portals for global Chinese merchants that can accommodate their needs in global commerce. Caravel’s strategy is to fill this gap and help Chinese enterprises worldwide conduct business on a single platform without leaving their countries.


By registering as a member of the “Global Chinese Business Database” (GCBD), a company can easily collect essential business intelligence of any country/region from the Store-Mart, buy and sell its products or services online from the Trade-Mart, , rent a permanent virtual show room from the Expo-Mart, and acquire related professional services from the Pro-Mart. One of the main benefits is that member companies can interact with each other in Chinese language if needed.




Caravel offers the following products/services:

  1. Print publications & electronic databases

Print publications will be sold primarily to libraries and corporate customers. Electronic databases
may be downloaded directly from Caravel’s websites. Most print and databases are priced at $88 - $195, which is easily affordable by most small and medium enterprises.


  1. Advertising/exhibiting and website design services:

Caravel offers customers to advertise on its print and electronic media. Besides, it rents standardized virtual showrooms to virtual exhibitors by different regions and industries. For companies wishing to have their own website, Caravel can also provide the design/host services.


  1. Co-brand marketing & exclusive showcasing

In order to reach a “win-win” for Caravel and its strategic partners, Caravel can negotiate with major vendors to exclusively showcase their product lines in the Store-Mart and get the lowest
possible price of the ”most-favorable-distributor”. Examples are:

- For computer products in Store-Mart, BMO will exclusively showcase “Lenovo” or “Acer”
   lines (but not Dell, HP, or other competitors’ products)
- For routers and related products in Store-Mart, BMO will exclusively showcase Huawei’s line

- For office furniture in Store-Mart, BMO will exclusively showcase the refrigerators of “Haier”

- For antivirus software in Store-Mart, BMO will exclusively showcase products of “TrendMicro”


Caravel’s BMO will offer its customers the most competitive price. To streamline operations and minimize operating costs, Caravel can forward customers orders to vendors for drop-ship arrangement. Besides, GCBD’s registered members are entitled to additional discounts of the already low prices.


 Competitive Analysis


- www.Alibaba.com 阿里巴巴: Founded in China, Alibaba.om is a global B2B platform which brings
            buyers and sellers together in a dynamic trading environment. However, it lacks the capacity of

            reaching suppliers outside China , particularly in the wholesale/retail sector. It’s also weak in

            providing essential global market intelligence.

- www.GlobalSources.com: Global Sources is strong in Asia and China sourcing for manufacturing

            consumer and industrial products. It has limitations for Chinese merchants to interact globally (i.e.,    

           ABC in Japan wants to trade with XYZ in Brazil , in Chinese language). It also lacks features such

           as Caravel’s Store-Mart. Its website is not professionally designed and navigation is difficult. 

- www.Amazon.com and eBay: Both companies are dominant players in B2C e-commerce. However,
            they are weak in the B2B sector. As Chinese is becoming the most popular language used in the

            web, they lack strategies to globally develop the vast Chinese market, including Mainland China .





企業簡介 《中美資訊 19933月成立於美國加州。公司之鄧白氏 (Dun & Bradstreet) 號碼為96-516-

9972。《中美資訊 》的目標是建立一個全球華商互動體系,在以互聯網為基礎的單一平台上
經商交易或互動交流。《中美資訊 》企業型態為C類公司法人,可發行200股公司股票。由於公司的基本架構與戰略布局均已完成,具有可觀的市場力,獲利前景可期。目前公司有 40股股票可以出售,正在尋求合作股東 (C類公司法人股東身份可以是美國或外國公民)


客戶:《中美資訊 》的現有客戶包括財星500大企業,跨國企業,進出口貿易商,政府單位,學術機構,


產品/服務 《中美資訊 》出版〈美商在中國〉及〈華商在美國〉兩本平面刊物;此外,
 《中美資訊 》擁有並運作兩個電子網站: www.china4us.com ww.us4china.com
 《中美資訊 》的企業模式顯示如下頁。


市場競爭:《中美資訊 》將致力發展下列兩項核心業務:

      1. 〈華商網〉(www.china4us.com) 建立成《全球華商入門網站》
       在競爭對手包括阿里巴巴 (Alibaba.com) 及環球資源企業網 (Global Sources)

                     2. 〈華商城〉(www.us4china.com) 發展成《全球最大網路商城》
       在競爭對手包括 Amazon.com, eBay, 以及其他主要電子商務網站


籌募資金:美金250 (出售40股公司股票 20股將以每股 $50,000 美金售出)


   1. 美金40萬將被使用於廣告宣傳及市場行銷等用途
       2. 美金60萬將被使用於網站架設、軟硬體設備及設立中國分公司等用途

                  3. 美金150萬將被使用於公司日常開銷,包括薪資、房租、員工保險等用途


退出機制:《中美資訊 》將使用募得之資金讓公司成長茁壯並發展成全球華商首選之電子商務平台。隨著

                  1. 股票上市 (IPO)  《中美資訊 》籌募第二輪資金並計劃將其股票公開上市;並使用銷售股票所



                  2. 收購兼併 (M&A) :公司被一跨國集團收購或兼併 此跨國集團並買斷或代理《中美資訊 》所
擁有之資料庫、商標、版權、及公司其他智慧型財產( Logo –公司圖騰)


I.     公司管理與經營


管理階層思路《中美資訊 》負責人認知到,在現今網路與電子商務盛行的時代,全世界已經變成了一個

                             單一市場 -〈地球村〉。然而,由於語言的因素,分佈在世界各地的華商仍然有互動方面的


                             客戶或廠商,更貽誤了企業互動的商機,延緩了企業的成長。有鑑於此,《中美資訊 》設立




A.  《華商網》(www.china4us.com):

《華商網》使用的兩種主要語言,其他語言 (日文、西班牙文等) 會隨網站業務成長視需要而陸續加入。


      1. 《全球華商資料庫》(Global Chinese Business Database – GCBD) 的建立與編制
歡迎所有華裔與非華裔訪客註冊成為會員 (註冊並非必要,但須註冊成為會員才能瀏覽特定網頁)
會員可以按自己需要付費昇級而享受各種優待 (例如: 《華商城》內購物或承租商展攤位、網站設計

           可享有折扣;免費電子商訊快報等) 。《華商網》一大優勢為全球各地華商可在單一平台上使用中文互

           動交流 (例如: 本一華商欲出口其產品至巴西,但不懂當地語言商情,可用中文與巴西華商先聯絡)


       2. 《全球經貿信息網》(Global Trade Information Network – GTIN) 的建立與推廣


           以在《全球經貿信息網》上找到有關該地區的商情資料做為可行性憑估。企業負責人也可善用這些資     料來輔佐企業重要決策或投資方向。如果企業需要更詳盡之資料,可付費訂購《專業市場報告》。


B.  《華商城》(www.us4china.com):



      1. 購物館: 館內有各式商店提供企業所需之用品。如書店,電腦專賣店,辦公用品店,辦公家俱店等。
其中書店 (http://store.us4china.com) 已於2003年開始營業,客戶來自歐美及亞洲等世界各

各種物品,其經營模式類似歐美之會員制大型折扣賣場 (例如: 好市多、家樂福等)


      2. 展覽館: 館內有各式網絡展位提供企業展示其產品所用攤位可分為標準展位特別展位》兩
特別展位》的企業可另外付費按照其特定之需要 (例如:影音效果) 量身訂做其展位。

                         商、零售商等;如此一買家可以很容易的找到其想購買的產品 (例如: 一上海珠寶進口商欲進


     3. 交易館: 館內有最先進之科技平台以供全球企業同步交易。買家及賣家可在館內提供求購及求售信息。
求購 (Buy Mart) 買家 (buyer) 及求售 (Sell Mart) 賣家 (Seller) 按國家地區及行業劃分。
館內並設有拍賣區 (Auction Mart)及競標區(Bid Mart),提供企業拋售跳樓貨、規格不合之退貨



     4. 服務館: 館內提別供各種服務業 (例如: 運輸業、金融業、律師樓、咨詢業、獵頭業等) 刊登廣告





《中美資訊 》計劃與名牌廠商、供貨商、代理商及其他出版商、網絡公司等建立長久的策略伙伴關係。如此可以更有效的運用《中美資訊 》現有資源而發揮更大的潛力。


《中美資訊 》尋求策略伙伴時有下列兩大原則:


     (1) 相互信任: 除了貢獻人力與物力,每一策略伙伴也需要在經貿知識或資訊方面有過人之處,能與
《中美資訊 》的業務相輔相成,達成加分的效果。如有需要,《中美資訊 》可要求策略伙 



     (2) 共同目標: 每一策略伙伴的投資回收均與《中美資訊 》的成功息息相關。《中美資訊 》與各策略
合作方式。不開會時,《中美資訊 》可以電話、傳真、或電郵方式與各策略伙伴聯絡。
《中美資訊 》與各策略伙伴簽訂協議時應有一條款註明: 當一策略伙伴因故無法履行其所


2007年時, 《中美資訊 已經成功的與下列企業或機構建立了策略伙伴關係:



除了尋求策略伙伴之外,《中美資訊 》並註冊了下列的網絡域名以為長期發展及戰略聯盟之用:


.cn (.中國)                                           .com                                         .net                               .us


華商城..cn    = 华商城.cn                   華商城.com                             .net                       Store-Mart.us

商展城..cn    = 商展城.cn                   华商城.com                             秀網.net                       Trade-Mart.us

商展網..cn    = 商展网.cn                   商展城.com                             华商城.net                   Expo-Mart.us

秀網..cn        = .cn                       商展网.com                             Store-Mart.net             Pro-Mart.us

華商在線.cn = 华商线.cn               展覽网.com                             Pro-Mart.net


















公司組織: 公司大部分主要職位目前均尚未雇用適合人選。這些職位包括下列:


- 總裁 (President) 及執行官 (Chief Executive Officer – CEO)

  職責: 蒐集整合並利用任何能幫助公司在不同領域成長的信息。與公司的主要投資者互動交流。
確保公司下列各部門間的平穩運作: 制造/外包部門、會計部門、銷售部門、資訊/網路部門、


- 副總裁:主管市場及銷售 (Vice President of Marketing and Sales)

  職責: 尋找市場客源與行銷通路。發掘新市場,包括出口市場,並準備市場可行性報告,以作為開發


- 資訊部門經理兼網站總監 (Information Technology Manager - Webmaster)

  職責: 負責公司內所有關於信息科技系統軟硬體的測試安裝與維護負責公司所有網站的架設、更新




- 財務部門經理 (Treasurer / Accounting Manager)

  職責: 負責管理公司的所有財務運作,包括存貨處理與現金控管。建立公司的會計程序與準則並不時檢視



- 人力部門經理 (Human Resources Manager)

  職責: 負責公司內所有關於雇用職員的體的標準與程序。隨著公司的成長,制定公司各種福利及員工考


- 銷售經理 (Sales Manager)

  職責: 負責《華商城》內購物館交易館展覽館服務館等各館的銷售策略。負責《中美資訊 》平面
及電子媒體的廣告銷售。負責《中美資訊 》平面刊物的銷售及電子資料庫的出租。擬定年度銷售


- 辦公助理 (Staff Assistant)

  職責: 公司成長過程中,也許會需要一位辦公助理來協助一般的文書工作,例如影印、訂機票、幫助主管安


- 獨立業務代表 (Independent Sales Representative)

  職責: 公司也許會雇用一些獨立業務代表負責銷售業務。這些業務代表不屬於公司職員,只有佣金收入。
如此可以減低公司的固定 (薪資) 開銷。銷售業務包括《華商城》內《展覽館》之各種商展攤位及




II.    市場行銷與銷售



目前,互聯網上有許多B2C 的中文入門網站。但是幾乎沒有專為全球華商設計的B2B中文入門網站

《中美資訊 》的戰略目標就是填補這一市場空缺,讓全球華商能在單一平台上以中文互相交流、購物、交易、展覽、提供各類服務而無需為申請簽證或旅行費用等所困擾。








《中美資訊 》提供下列的產品與服務:


1. 平面出版物及電子資料庫

平面出版物及電子資料庫之單價均在 美金 $88 - $195之間,大多中小企業均可以負擔。


2. 廣告、展覽及網站設計等服務
《中美資訊 》提供客戶在其平面出版刊物及電子媒體,如《華商城》之《服務館》,刊登廣告。
《中美資訊 》亦可提供專業網站設計及網站托管 (Hosting) 服務。


3. 品牌共營 (Co-brand marketing) 與獨家促銷 (Exclusive-showcasing)

為了達到互利雙贏的目的,《中美資訊 》可以與品牌大廠建立策略伙伴的關係而在《華商城》之
《購物館》內銷售其獨家產品。如此《中美資訊 》可藉談判與協商取得最優惠代理商之批發價格。


例如:   -《華商城》之《購物館》內的電腦產品,只銷售《聯想》品牌的產品,不銷售其他品牌









- 阿里巴巴: 阿里巴巴是全球著名的 B2B 商務網站。其強項為將中國的出口企業介紹給全球的買家。其弱點


-環球資源企業網 (Global Sources) : 環球資源企業網的強項亦是幫助全球買家尋求成本低廉的中國及亞洲


- Amazon.com eBay: 全球兩大著名網站均強於 B2C 電子商務。其弱點為全球廣大B2B電子商務市場



●省錢集團● 省錢網 + 比價網 + 折扣網 + 超值網●省錢智庫●
●省钱集团● 省钱网 + 比价网 + 折扣网 + 超值网 ●省钱智库●

●發發集團● 發發平台 + 發發論壇 + 發發專案 + 發發黃頁●發發網●
●发发集团● 发发平台 + 发发论坛 + 发发专案 + 发发黄页 ●发发网●

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